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Our Mission:

*   to make it cost effective for individuals and businesses of ALL sizes to use the internet in promoting their goods and services, and

*   to make it time efficient for individuals and businesses to locate information, goods and services they want through the use of the internet

Please browse our site and feel free to give us your comments.

Our Services:

*   OpenUp Regional Malls separate websites by geographical area and organize them into 900 categories according to what they offer.  Check them out and add your website.

*   OpenUp Marketplace is a fun, family oriented virtual shopping marketplace with interesting websites and secure ordering throughout.  You will notice there are NO banner ads, NO pop-up windows, NO automatic music, NO adult content.  Check it out.

*   Simple Online Solutions is the web services portion of our business.  In addition to managing the malls and marketplace, we provide webhosting, secure online ordering systems (SSL), website design, and website promotion for businesses worldwide.