Professional guidance

Our certified psychologists believe that the key to sustainable change is daily practice. Just as we sleep, eat, drink water and brush our teeth daily; it’s also crucial for our psyche to be cared for every day.

We want to make sure that everybody is supported mentally and emotionally. By partnering with OpenUp we provide 24/7 coaching by certified psychologists.

“By working with OpenUp, we encourage our employees to dare to open up. After all, it helps you grow as an individual. It is part of your personal development.”

Chris Byrne, head of e-commerce Bestseller

Together with OpenUp we help colleagues to talk about their challenges. Opening up turns out to be crucial in finding a healthy work-life balance.

Frequently asked questions

Below are answers to many questions you may have.
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How should I prepare for my OpenUp session?

To ensure your OpenUp session is as effective as possible, we ask you to think about the following questions:
1. ​What’s the main reason you booked a session with OpenUp?
2. In your opinion, what would be a good outcome of the session?


Your psychologist will start every session with these questions.

How can I book a session?

Here you book a session with one of our psychologists in a few simple steps here.

How can I reschedule or cancel my session

You can easily reschedule or cancel your session from the confirmation email we sent you. You will find the links near the end of the email. 

If you have a myopenup account, you can reschedule or cancel from there. Go to your myopenup account, go to ‘my sessions’ and click the reschedule button for the session you want to change.

Is video calling truly safe?

Absolutely! For video calling, we use a secure application. In addition, mutual trust and our professional code are leading in our services.


Therefore, it goes without saying for us that privacy is an important right.

See also: How is my privacy guaranteed at OpenUp?

How many online sessions can I book?

During your first consult you and your psychologist will investigate whether you request for help fits within the service offered by OpenUp. Does your employer offer OpenUp? In that case there is no limit. Together with the psychologist you investigate how many consultations are suitable for your specific question.


Does your employer not offer OpenUp? Check if your healthcare provider offers OpenUp or purchase a card. Every card consists of 3 consultations.
It is possible to increase that number. In a joint evaluation with your psychologist, you will discuss whether there is a need for a follow-up and, if so, in what form.