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You can come to us for anything concerning mental well-being. A one-off session, or regular guidance. You choose. Take your first step today.
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“Super accessible, which made it easy for me to “open up” as the platform is called! Solution-oriented, and pragmatic which speaks to my personal preference.”

“My psychologist, Keri, was nice and extremely helpful. The platform works well and the interaction feels like a face-to-face conversation.”

“The psychologist listened carefully, she provided insight and practical advice. After our conversation I don’t feel my complaints are so serious, in fact they are quite normal!”

“Easy way to talk to someone directly. Talking to someone outside of the office was a relief for me.”

“It is reassuring to have someone to talk to when things are not going so well. In a short introductory session I got useful advice.”

“I had been sleeping badly for a long time and would lay awake at night worrying. After my conversation with the psychologist I learned to think differently. I still worry, but it doesn’t keep me awake.”

“Really nice that I could speak to someone so quickly (within 10 minutes). It was very professional and I really benefited from the conversation. Great new way of getting help!”

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Give your employees direct access to certified psychologists, and prevent absence before it's too late.

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