OpenUp Release-Highlights 2023

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Release-Highlights 2023

Over the past year, our efforts at OpenUp have centered on enhancing our product and solutions. Our commitment to delivering the best mental well-being support for your employees has guided us towards implementing many upgrades across our platform. These include:

Self-guided Learning

An enriched self-guided care library with new psychologist-reviewed articles, on-demand masterclasses hosted by expert speakers, and interactive self-paced courses.

Spaces to OpenUp

New Spaces to OpenUp tailored to employees, team leaders, and HR professionals. We now offer 108 interactive group sessions, 147 mindfulness sessions, and 12 masterclasses each quarter.

1:1 Sessions

1:1 sessions with psychologists are now available in over 25 languages, making our platform more accessible to a diverse workforce, including local and dispersed teams.

Opening up in the language that feels most natural can make a huge difference.

OpenUp Release Overview 2023

Support for HR Professionals:

  • HR Resource Hub including our library of the latest launch, activation, and content resources to support your well-being strategy. Access the HR Resource Hub here
  • The HR Platform now serves as a digital hub for your monthly HR report, featuring a new design with helpful tooltips to easily access your company’s well-being data. 

In the future, the HR Platform will have additional functionalities. Access the HR Platform here

Enhanced website ( intuitive menu and chat functionality

  • Our revamped menu, featuring dedicated pages for our product offerings, such as “How to OpenUp,” streamlines the process of finding the services employees look for.
  • OpenUp hosts are junior psychologists who guide employees through the platform via a new chat functionality on OpenUp hosts can answer questions about the different services we offer and provide advice on suitable next steps, helping employees find what they need.

New user onboarding flow and new security functionality for MyOpenUp:

  • A more intuitive onboarding flow to enhance user registration and adoption.
  • An intuitive two-step authentication (two-factor authentication) is available to ensure that all user data in MyOpenUp accounts is kept even more safe.

New format and content for self-guided care: interactive courses

  • New courses for managers and employees, supported by a fully integrated learning management system that provides an intuitive and enhanced learning experience, are now available. Explore courses here.

Additional functionality of MyOpenUp: Spaces to OpenUp now accessible

  • Manage and join Spaces to OpenUp, including group sessions and masterclasses, directly from the MyOpenUp area. 
  • New thoughtful reminders after group sessions encourage employees to keep mental well-being a part of their daily routine.

Additional functionality of MyOpenUp: 1:1 session notes now available

  • Session notes from psychologists are now easily available via the MyOpenUp account. The notes reflect what has been discussed during the 1:1 sessions so users can easily review findings, assignments, and next steps.
OpenUp Annual Release Update 2023
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