How to Balance a Digital Future and Employee Well-being

2 Nov ‘23
Work performance
Reviewed by psychologist Judith Klenter
As HR teams in different organisations race to embrace the digitisation of their own departments, they’re reaping the rewards of streamlined processes: increased efficiency, more detailed data insights, and an improved employee experience, with accessible communication flows. But in this journey toward a tech-enabled tomorrow, it can be a challenge not to lose the human touch. 


Together with Personio,  we answered pressing questions like – how do you harmonise digitisation with employee engagement? How do you preserve the well-being of your people while helping them cope with, for example, the fear of being replaced by machines? For this we relied on the expert knowledge of our own OpenUp psychologist Judith Klenter. 


Would you like to learn how to prioritise people in the midst of streamlining processes? Discover Judith’s tips for HR and read our full guest article with Personio here.

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