HR Podcast: OpenUp at the workplace #2 with Lindsay Ross from Bitpanda

7 May ‘24
5 min
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Episode #2 with Lindsay Ross, CHRO at Bitpanda


Welcome to our second episode of the OpenUp at the Workplace” HR podcast – a series dedicated to exploring mental well-being within the work environment and beyond. This podcast is a must-listen for HR and people leaders committed to fostering a culture of well-being and empowerment in the workplace.


In today’s fast-paced business landscape, the phenomenon of hypergrowth presents both opportunities and challenges for organisations and their employees. In this episode, we delve into the world of hypergrowth with special guest Lindsay Ross, Chief Human Resources Officer at Bitpanda, a leading fintech company experiencing exponential growth. 


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Key Learnings and Practical Takeaways


Join the conversation between Gijs Coppens, founder of OpenUp and healthcare psychologist, and our guest Lindsay as we explore the dynamics of hypergrowth, its impact on employee well-being, and strategies for maintaining balance amidst rapid change. Don’t miss out on the full episode of this pivotal HR podcast, “OpenUp at the workplace” with Bitpanda.


Understanding Hypergrowth


  • Hypergrowth isn’t just about rapid expansion; it’s a whirlwind of change where businesses scale at an unprecedented rate.
  • It’s characterised by exponential increases in revenue, workforce, and market presence.
  • For employees, it means constant adaptation, high-pressure environments, and blurred boundaries between work and personal life. 




Prioritising Mental Well-being in Fintech and Startups


  • In the relentless pursuit of growth and innovation, startups frequently operate within environments characterised by intense pressure and high-stakes decision-making.
  • Lindsay Ross underscores the importance of acknowledging and addressing the mental health challenges that accompany these conditions. From long hours to mounting expectations, employees often find themselves navigating a landscape where burnout lurks as a constant challenge.
  • Resilience plays a crucial role, but it’s a combination of nature and nurture. Identifying employees who bring a natural resilience can be matched with providing resources for stress management. Encouraging open communication, and promoting work-life balance are essential.



HR Tips: Navigating Hypergrowth Challenges


  1. Proactively address mental health challenges by integrating well-being initiatives into the company culture from the outset.
  2. Advocate for the allocation of resources and budget towards mental health programs and initiatives.
  3. Develop comprehensive mental health policies and protocols that outline support mechanisms and resources available to employees.
  4. Offer training and education on mental health awareness and resilience-building techniques for all employees.
  5. Regularly assess the effectiveness of mental health initiatives and adjust strategies based on feedback and evolving organisational needs.
  6. Provide training for managers to recognise signs of stress and support their teams effectively, as Lindsay highlights in the episode.
  7. Foster a sense of community and belonging through team-building activities and peer support networks.
  8. Prioritise flexibility and autonomy in work arrangements to accommodate diverse employee needs and promote work-life balance.



About our HR podcast guest: Lindsay Ross (CHRO, Bitpanda)



Lindsay Ross is a versatile business leader with expertise in HR, marketing, and communications. With a proven track record of crafting holistic people strategies, Lindsay has left her mark on high-growth, global organisations, from vibrant startups to established multibillion-dollar enterprises.


Her tenure at industry giants like Adyen, Tommy Hilfiger, and Nike underscores her ability to foster purpose-led cultures and drive sustainable business outcomes. Lindsay’s approach isn’t just about strategy; it’s about relationships. She’s recognised for building trusted connections internally and externally.


Through active coaching and a focus on business capabilities, Lindsay nurtures high-performing, diverse teams that propel organisations forward. Now, as Chief Human Resources at Bitpanda, she continues her mission of shaping workplace futures while championing positive change and elevating the employee experience.



OpenUp at the workplace with Bitpanda – Episode Guide and timestamps:



  1. Setting the Stage with Lindsay Ross:


00:00 – 02:30: We welcome our guest Lindsay Ross, CHRO at Bitpanda. The introduction of this HR podcast episode gives context on the unique challenges faced by employees in hypergrowth startups. It highlights the importance of fostering mental well-being in these fast-paced environments.


  1. Exploring Hypergrowth Challenges:


02:30 – 10:15: Lindsay and Gijs delve into the hypergrowth environment, discussing the pressures and expectations that can lead to stress and burnout among team members. She shares insights on identifying early signs of mental health issues.


  1. Recognising Early Signs of Stress:


10:15 – 17:45: We provide actionable advice on recognising and addressing early signs of stress and burnout in employees. She emphasises the role of managers in supporting their teams’ mental well-being.


  1. Strategies for Proactive Wellness:


17:45 – 26:20: Lindsay discusses proactive strategies for promoting mental wellness within hypergrowth startups. From encouraging work-life balance to fostering a culture of open communication, she highlights key initiatives.


  1. Leadership Support and Guidance:


26:20 – 34:50: In our HR podcast “OpenUp at the workplace”, Gijs Coppens and Lindsay Ross underscore the importance of leadership support in creating a supportive environment for employee well-being. Lindsay, CHRO at Bitpanda shares insights on how managers can prioritise mental health and lead by example.


  1. Soliciting Employee Feedback:


34:50 – 42:30: Lindsay offers advice on soliciting feedback from employees to better understand their needs and concerns regarding mental health. She discusses the role of engagement surveys and one-on-one meetings in this process.


  1. Actionable Insights for HR Professionals:


42:30 – 51:15: We provide practical advice and actionable insights for HR professionals looking to address mental health concerns within their organisations. From implementing wellness programs to offering mental health resources, she shares valuable strategies.


  1. Prioritising Sustainability and Success:


51:15 – 58:30: Lindsay and Gijs reflect on the connection between prioritising mental well-being and achieving sustainable success in hypergrowth startups. We discuss the long-term benefits of investing in employee mental health.



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We hope you enjoyed our HR podcast episode of “OpenUp at the workplace” with Lindsay Ross, CHRO at Bitpanda. We’re happy to receive your feedback.


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