Explore the successful journey of TicketSwap, a premier ticket marketplace, and their commitment to employee well-being through their partnership with OpenUp. In this case study video, Lianne de Vries, People Lead at TicketSwap, reflects on the past three years since integrating OpenUp into their workplace culture.


Discover how this collaboration has helped prioritising mental and overall well-being, creating a supportive environment where employees are encouraged to discuss their challenges openly. Delve into the effectiveness of this initiative, as surveys with their employees reveal impressive satisfaction scores: 9.2/10 employees value the OpenUp service as integral to their well-being, and 8.7/10 feel that it demonstrates TicketSwap’s care for their mental health.


Watch the full case study to see how TicketSwap and OpenUp are actively shaping a future where employee well-being is a cornerstone of corporate culture.