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You support your people, we support you

Gain insights into the mental well-being of your employees, inspire others to take care of themselves, and stimulate an open and positive company culture.

Normalise mental well-being in your organisation

Launch OpenUp in your organisation with ease, tackle the barriers to improve mental well-being and create a culture of trust.

Make mental well-being part of your culture

Foster a culture where people feel free to share, ask, speak, and seek guidance if they need it.

Eliminate barriers that stop people from opening up

Inspire employees to prioritise their mental well-being and to be open about what’s on their mind.

One place for all the guidance your people need

Whether it’s about emotional, social, or physical aspects, we help your people.

Our psychologists share their insights to create a supportive culture
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Your all-in-one partner for the well-being of your employees

Launch OpenUp in a few weeks
Our solution is ready to go. With our onboarding program you can launch the platform in no time. We’ll help you to normalise and develop the conversation on mental well-being and enable a culture of trust.
Provide your employees with the guidance they need
With 1:1 or group sessions with a psychologist or lifestyle expert, mindfulness sessions, self-help programmes, and masterclasses, your employees can easily find the guidance that suits them. Anytime, anywhere.
Gain insights into your company's well-being and the impact of offering support
Through our HR Platform, you’ll gain access to confidential reports to better understand the needs of your employees and the well-being of your organisation (whilst maintaining the anonymity of each employee).

And it’s time to prioritise it, because we haven’t been feeling all that well

1 in 6 people say that they don’t feel mentally well.

Increase productivity and happiness at work

70% of employees still go to work whilst dealing with mental challenges that result in productivity loss.


Reduce employee turnover

Almost 60% of employees that leave do so due to things that impact their mental well-being.


Prevent absenteeism and reduce costs

More than 30% of all absenteeism is related to mental well-being.



OpenUp provides an outlet for employees to vent. Seeing these group dynamics and watching employees speak openly about their challenges is amazing.

Lead Corporate Responsibility

By partnering up with OpenUp we gain access to new development opportunities regarding mental well-being. This creates more room to incorporate mental well-being interventions in our current and future l&...

Human Resources Director

Eventually, what makes the difference is not only to have people with skills but also people who feel energised, engaged and who are motivated. OpenUp is really bringing out this mentality.

People Team

What really attracted us the most to the platform is the idea of nudging people to look for support, while still keeping it very confidential.

Managing Partner & Chief of People

Just the act of offering this service is in itself an important signal. We’re showing that we think it’s normal to talk about psychology and to take an interest in your mental health.

Director People & Culture

The entire package at OpenUp appealed to us, from its general approach to its cultural ethos – a match with our own.

Coordinator of People Projects
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As your all-in-one well-being partner, we’ll help you to improve employee well-being and create a culture of trust.

A culture where people feel good and perform well. Our team is here to support you.

Create an open and supportive company culture
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