OpenUp helps leaders too

OpenUp for managers and leaders strengthens their mental well-being, provides tools for personal development and helps them to build resilient teams.

How it works for leaders and managers

Build a successful workforce
Dealing with difficult situations or big changes? We help you solving challenges that affect your team's performance. For example with strengthening your employees' resilience and motivation, also in hard times.
Develop your leadership skills
How to make sure that everyone is following the same goal? We support you with topics like communication with team members from different backgrounds, working remotely, and having individual challenges.
Take care of your own mental well-being
Your daily life can be affected by work-related stress. Our team of psychologists as well as our tools can help you with taking care of your mental health. This way, you are able to work effectively and be the best support for your team.
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Mental health through leadership

OpenUp is your professional support for all topics related to mental health – whether you are new or experienced in the field of leadership.

Managing your team

Learn how to boost the productivity of your team members in a healthy and sustainable way.


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Healthy workplace

Contribute to a culture where it is normal to speak about mental challenges.


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Help for your team

We offer the right care before day-to-day-challenges become real complaints that result in absenteeism.


How it works for your organisation

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