13 Mar | 3pm - 4pm (GMT) | 4pm - 5pm (CET)

HR Masterclass

How HR Can Make Mental Well-Being a Priority in Organisations


Join this online session to uncover key strategies with our HR expert John (Mister Spex) that enable you to put mental well-being at the forefront of your organisation’s agenda to create a thriving workplace.

Insights and practical applications

Explore innovative strategies for prioritising mental well-being throughout all levels of your organisation. Learn the art of seamlessly integrating mental well-being into your culture for sustained business success.

Join us for an insightful HR Masterclass on the 13th of March led by our expert, John (Mister Spex). Reserve your seat for free today.

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What to expect?

We will delve into innovative strategies that empower you to establish a culture where mental well-being takes center stage at every level of your organisation. Discover how to embrace mental well-being as a driving force for lasting business success.

Best practices to drive company-wide awareness

Practical tools and strategies for HR leading the change

Interactive live Q&A with our expert

About our expert

John Kasang (Head of HR Business Partnering, Talent Acquisition and L&D at Mister Spex)
John is a seasoned HR leader, challenging traditional notions of workplace wellness, strategically reshaping company culture by placing a strong emphasis on mental well-being. Through the integration of mental well-being initiatives, the cultivation of holistic employee experiences, and the implementation of innovative support approaches, John delivered impacts on business outcomes. His proactive strategies not only enhance resilience within organisations but also contribute to their success.
Prioritising mental well-being in the workplace

With 86% of employees being more likely to leave a job if it did not support their mental well-being, attracting and retaining talent is a challenge. But what if we saw this as an opportunity? Join our conversation to learn how you can create a work environment where mental well-being is genuinely prioritised and supported.

Make mental well-being a cornerstone for sustained workplace success
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