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Enabling Managers for Workplace Mental Well-being: The Why and How

HR Masterclass

For 69% of people, their manager has as much influence on their mental well-being as their partner. How can HR empower managers to create a supportive environment?

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Current challenges
of HR managers report that managers are overwhelmed.

of employees do not feel empathetically and fairly treated by their manager.

of HR managers say their managers are not able to lead change.
of managers report that they feel burnt out.

In this HR Masterclass, you will learn:

  • Why it is important to engage your managers in mental well-being.
  • How to engage your managers in mental well-being.
  • The impact of engaging your managers in mental well-being.

About our speaker

Geraldine Schepers

(Head of Learning at OpenUp)

Passionate about enhancing corporate learning and development, Geraldine brings a rich know-how of leadership and innovation in the tech industry. Currently, as the Head of Learning at OpenUp, Geraldine is leading the design and creation of online courses, Group Sessions and Masterclasses focused on mental well-being.

With experience across major tech players such as Apple, Uber, and Lepaya, she has led significant L&D initiatives across the EMEA region and globally. Geraldine is known for her dynamic and efficient leadership style. Her balance between action and approach to upskilling teams contributes to tangible business impact while promoting personal growth for her teams.

What you can expect:

Insights on challenges of managers

Such as hybrid teams or constant change.

Strategies to foster mental well-being

Emphasising the financial and organisational benefits.


Interactive Q&A session

You will have time to ask your questions in the chat.

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