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HR Strategies to Support Mental Well-Being in Times of Change

HR Masterclass

Join this online session to uncover key strategies with our HR expert Lucy Adams (CEO of Disruptive HR) that enable you to help employees navigate change in the workplace.

Common HR challenges

The workplace is always in a state of flux, and constant change can create a stressful work environment.


of HR leaders say their employees are feeling fatigued.


of HR leaders share their managers aren’t equipped to lead change.


less intent to stay of employees experiencing change fatigue.


less sustainable performance by employees who are tired of change.

In this HR Masterclass, you'll learn:

Explore how HR and business leaders can guide their workforce through stressful periods of change.

  • Strategies to understand and navigate employee reactions, fostering a trust-filled environment that champions purpose and belonging.
  • How to leverage insights and employee personas to craft effective communication and change strategies.
  • Essential tools and approaches to enable managers to guide their teams through transitions smoothly.

About our speaker

Lucy Adams (CEO of Disruptive HR)
Lucy Adams is the CEO of Disruptive HR, an agency dedicated to challenging traditional HR practices and inspiring leaders with a fresh vision. With extensive HR experience, including as Director of HR at BBC, Lucy has worked with leaders from globally renowned brands over the last 8 years. Her work combines strategic insights with a practical, human-centered approach to HR. Beyond leading her business, Lucy is a sought-after speaker and author of the bestsellers “HR Disrupted,” offering innovative leadership strategies, and “The HR Change Toolkit,” a comprehensive guide to implementing change.

Here's what you can expect:

Join our session to learn how you can build a resilient workforce that thrives in times of change. P.S. If you’re unable to join the live session, make sure to register anyway as we’ll share the recording.

Practical tools and strategies for forward-thinking HR teams

Inspiring insights and examples of innovative companies

A session to learn emerging HR practices, including Q&A