Summit program

Each day focuses on a specific topic related to mental well-being in the workplace. This way, you can put together your own individual OpenUp HR Summit program.

Expert speakers from global leaders await

Explore our 5-day program with daily sessions led by industry-wide HR and well-being experts.


Dive into our interactive program that combines intimate fireside chats, the expertise of acclaimed keynote speakers, and in-depth knowledge-sharing in our panel discussions.
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18 Mar until 24 Mar
Securing Leadership Buy-In for Mental Well-being Strategies
Thu 21 Mar 16:00 - 17:00 Europe/Amsterdam
Spots available - HR Roundtable

The success of mental well-being initiatives often hinges on leadership support. But how can HR professionals effectively communicate the value and necessity of these strategies to upper management? Join our session to learn strategies for gaining the commitment of your organisation’s leaders and ensuring the implementation of effective mental well-being programs.

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How HR Can Help Employees to Thrive in Times of Change
Wed 24 Apr 15:00 - 16:00 Europe/Berlin
Spots available - HR Roundtable

HR always has to be on its toes, ready for the next transformation, planned or unplanned. Join this roundtable to discuss the most pertinent challenges currently facing the HR function, identify opportunities and allow you to learn from the experience of your peers.

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