Unlimited access to certified psychologists for employees

Increase motivation, and prevent absenteeism by providing employees access to mental health care. Anonymous and accessible within 24 hours.

Trusted by 500+ companies in Europe

One platform for all mental health challenges

We help your employees with their daily mental challenges
67% of employees wouldn't know who to address for mental health challenges if OpenUp wasn't there. We give them access to 1-on-1 consultations within 24 hours, group sessions and mindfulness in more than 17 languages.
Boost activation and get measurable results
Everyone deals with challenges from time to time, big or small. Together we boost your employees’ activation and increase work performance by improving their mental well-being.
Involve your leadership team
OpenUp also provides managers and leaders within your company with helpful insights and psychologist consultations around relevant topics like communication, handling situations at work and relationships with their team as well as personal development.
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Talking about your mental health can be daunting. OpenUp supports us to make our employees feel more comfortable talking about their challenges, small or big.

Culture & Places

When you don’t feel well, there seems to be a stigma around going to a professional. OpenUp is a light and easy way to do so.


We want to make sure that everybody is supported mentally and emotionally. By partnering with OpenUp we provide 24/7 coaching by certified psychologists.

Head of Talent Acquisition

Together with OpenUp we help colleagues to talk about their challenges. Opening up turns out to be crucial in finding a healthy work-life balance.

People Team

Working from home, pandemic brain, and many more things: we are happy to be able to support our teams with 24/7 access to OpenUp.

Culture Manager - Inclusion, Equity & Diversity EMEA & APAC

The best mental healthcare for your employees

Give your employees direct access to certified psychologists, and prevent absence before it's too late.

We inspire people to learn, talk and share. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Already more than 500 companies benefit from OpenUp.
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96% of employees recommends us to friends and family


67% say that without OpenUp they wouldn't know who to refer in regards to mental health challenges or questions


98% of employees feel more resilient after consultations with OpenUp


We got you covered in all situations

We believe that you can offer the right care for your organisation in a preventive manner before day-to-day challenges become bigger complaints and therefore our focus lies on prevention.

In case curative support is needed, we make sure to stay in close contact with people and support them to connect to the right partner.

Consultations in over 17 languages

We are happy to support your diverse workforce. Our team of over 100 psychologists has a deep understanding of different cultures and makes professional help accessible to your employees in their mother tongue.
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