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At OpenUp, we never stand still. We are constantly innovating and improving our platform to support you and your workforce as effectively as possible.

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Future Releases

We do our utmost to deliver the scheduled innovations. However, we would like to express that the future release overview is subject to change at any time due to unexpected circumstances. No rights can be derived from this.

Integrating physical well-being

Mental well-being includes emotional, social and physical aspects. Adding the physical aspect to our platform, such as new content library material, new group sessions and 1:1 sessions with lifestyle experts delivers 360-degree well-being support for employees.

OpenUp app for mobile devices

Roll out of the new OpenUp app to make it easier to use OpenUp on the go. 

Seamless MyOpenUp sign-in for Microsoft account owners

Employees with a Microsoft account can use it as a comfortable and fast MyOpenUp login method.

Expanding MyOpenUp and the OpenUp app

We will integrate more content specifically articles into MyOpenUp and our app so users can enjoy a personalised journey. 

Seasonal product updates as part of the HR Resource Hub

See what’s new in the OpenUp platform via a new section in the HR Resource Hub. 


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