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Challenge yourself to our 5-day mental fit challenge to create peace of mind and grow your mental resilience.

5 mini workouts for the mind


Fitness isn’t just for your body, it’s for your mind too. If you take a moment daily to reflect on how you feel, you will create more peace in your mind and body – even if it is only for a few minutes. The results? More energy and resilience in your everyday life.


Strengthen your mind’s muscles with daily exercises. This challenge introduces you to 5 daily mental workouts. Get started below! 👇

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    Step 1

    Block 5-10 minutes each day for your challenge. Check your plan for the next day each night.

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    Step 2

    Think in advance about what time of day works best for you. To hold yourself accountable say to yourself: “When I get up / get out of work tomorrow, I will do x.”

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    Step 3

    Have you completed everything? Let us know via the form at the bottom and we’ll send you something to celebrate!

Day 1: Breathe in, breathe out

Your breath has the power to convey your emotions. For example, if you are feeling tense or angry, you will notice your breathing becomes more shallow and rapid. Fortunately, your breathing can also calm you down in intense emotional moments.

Start or end your day with the breathing exercise below. After this, also try to briefly check how you feel every day by focusing on your breath for 1 minute:

Follow this breathing exercise
Day 2: Do a digital detox

Do you constantly grab your phone to check your e-mail, WhatsApp or social media? Excessive scrolling can be detrimental to your mental well-being.

Take one break from your smartphone today. Deliberately put it away at lunch, a social appointment, during dinner, on the train or in the evening. And try to be in the moment with your full attention. This meditation will help you do just that:

A guided screen break
Day 3: Take a mindful walk

Exercise has all kinds of benefits, such as counteracting stress. It gets you out of your head, and into your body. You don’t have to do an intense workout: simply walking helps you unwind.

Block 15 minutes today to go for a walk – during lunch, with or without colleagues, or at the end of your working day:

Day 4: Connect with your body

If you’re reluctant to practise mindfulness, get started with a simple body scan. This method puts you in touch with physical signs in your body, aligning your physical and mental well-being.

Start the body scan
Day 5: Benefit from taking short breaks

It may sound contradictory, but rest makes you more productive. For example, taking your lunch break and regular short breaks is good for your concentration, creativity and job satisfaction.

Try to take 2-3 micro-breaks today. Get up more often to fill up your water, grab a tea or coffee, or do a few minutes of stretching.

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Take a moment of rest in your day more often

Think of the moments of rest from this challenge as mental hygiene. They help you disconnect from the day, reduce stress and create peace of mind. With our Spotify exercises, you can do this in a way that suits you – from mindfulness to conscious breathing, from 1-minute exercises to 15 and more.