Movement: The Mind-Body Connection

Join us for Mental Health Awareness Week to strengthen your physical and mental well-being with movement.

Making movement a daily habit

At OpenUp, we believe in a 360° approach to well-being: emotional, social, and physical. With this in mind, we embrace the power of the mind-body connection.

Movement plays an essential role in your well-being. It’s not about strict exercise regimens; it’s about finding joy in movement that fits your lifestyle.

Whether you like to walk in nature or do simple stretches during work breaks, every step counts towards nurturing your mind-body connection.

We hope this toolkit helps you to build a routine of movement in your everyday life.

Build your movement routine

Choosing the right type of movement can be challenging, especially if you need help figuring out where to start. Discover science-based tips.

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Guided walking meditation

Practising meditation is an excellent way to explore the mind-body connection. You can listen to this walking meditation during a walk, be it in nature or through the city.

Master your breath

Breathing forms the core of the mind-body connection. This connection aids in stress reduction and provides a valuable path to inner calm, mental clarity, and overall well-being.

Learn to master your breath for optimal well-being, focusing on scientific methods for enhancing both movement and relaxation, complete with science-back practical exercises and useful tips.

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Learn more about enhancing your lifestyle

Movement is one component of physical and mental well-being. Lifestyle factors such as nutrition, sleep and stress management are also key to achieving balance and strengthening the mind-body connection. Discover articles, videos and courses to enhance your knowledge.

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Book a 1:1 session with a lifestyle expert

Looking for more guidance on strengthening your well-being? Our team of lifestyle experts are here to help! Book a 1:1 session to bring you closer to achieving your lifestyle goals through guidance on topics such as movement, nutrition, sleep, and more.