Prevent Burnout Before It Starts: A Guide for Managers

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Discover how to prioritise your team's well-being and prevent work-related stress

As a manager, you have the power to create a positive and supportive work environment for your team. That’s why we’ve designed “Preventing Burnout in Your Team,” a five-day email course filled with practical tips, quizzes, and activities to help you identify and prevent work-related stress. By learning effective strategies and gaining new tools, you can ensure that your team stays motivated, healthy, and happy.

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Leading with care - learn to prevent burnout in your team

In this course, you will learn to:

  • Identify the signs of different types of work-related stress
  • Understand the impact of burnout on individuals and the organisation
  • Implement practical prevention strategies to promote well-being and prevent burnout
  • Support team members who may be experiencing burnout
  • Leverage OpenUp resources to prevent burnout
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Day 1: Understanding Work-Related Stress: Burnout, Brownout, and Boreout

Day 2: Preventing Work-Related Stress: Strategies for Success

Day 3: Taking Action: Addressing Work-Related Stress in Your Team

Day 4: Empowering Your Team: Utilising OpenUp Resources for Well-being and Stress Prevention


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