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The world of mental well-being is ever-evolving. That’s why at OpenUp, we are constantly enhancing and innovating our platform.

Check out what product updates we have planned here.

Planned releases

We always do our best to deliver scheduled updates, but this list of scheduled releases may change at any time due to unexpected circumstances. No rights can be derived from this list.

HR reporting: additional data points & topics

Within our HR reporting, you’ll be able to gain further insight into what topics employees are seeking guidance for. Here, you can dig deep across our core eight themes.

In Q2, we’ll also be working hard to deliver more insights into activation and our self-guided care offerings to show OpenUp’s value within your organisation.

Enhanced Resource Hub

We are upgrading our Resource Hub to provide you with more useful content and guides to ensure that OpenUp is successful within your organisation.

Updated expert profiles with filter option

To help you find the right expert, we will update our team page with filter options for specific themes and topics. For example, you can search for themes such as self-confidence, relationships, stress and anxiety, lifestyle, and more. Via the filter option, we will show you the experts with professional experience who will be able to guide you.


Dedicated manager’s webpage

As a manager, you can browse our dedicated webpage to enhance your learning and further support your team. Here, you will have access to a content library where you can seamlessly access all managers’ resources in one place.

Courses available in MyOpenUp

You will be able to explore our self-guided care offerings via online courses within your MyOpenUp account. This step will bring you closer to exploring all content in one easy-to-access place, enhancing your platform experience and personalisation.

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