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The world of mental well-being is constantly evolving. That is why we at OpenUp are constantly enhancing and innovating our platform.

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Product release updates - Q1 2024

More data and support for HR professionals

We’ve added a monthly usage data point to our HR platform. HR professionals can now track the number of employees using our product each month, including registrations for Spaces, completion of 1:1 sessions, and check-ins.

App availability in App Store & Play Store!

The OpenUp app is now publicly available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. In this initial version, you can book and access 1:1 sessions, browse articles, and chat within our online rooms.

Articles in MyOpenUp

You can now explore and read through our articles within your MyOpenUp account.

Calendar options

You can now seamlessly add booked 1:1 sessions and Spaces to Google, Microsoft, and Apple calendars.

New provider for 1:1 sessions

We’ve upgraded our 1:1 provider to Microsoft Azure Communication Services, guaranteeing smoother and more stable 1:1 sessions.

Improved self-guided care and new search filters

We have enhanced the discoverability of our self-guided care content by introducing filters for manager-specific content, ensuring a structured layout of articles, courses, and videos, and implementing a search feature to help you find desired content efficiently.

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