Enhancing Interpersonal Relations

Introduction to Interpersonal Relations (video)

You have likely already heard of the term ‘interpersonal relations.’ But what exactly does it mean?


 An interpersonal relationship is a social connection or affiliation between two or more people. Different types of interpersonal relationships can include your connections with your partner, loved ones, close friends, acquaintances, co-workers, and many others who make up the social connections in your life. 


For this course, we’ll focus on workplace interpersonal relations, specifically the dynamic between managers and team members. However, you can apply your learnings to other relationships in your life.


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In the following video, OpenUp psychologist Nathalia Lopez will introduce the course learning outcomes:

💭 Self-awareness around your behaviour, communication, and leadership style.  


💪🏽 Exploring and strengthening you and your team’s soft skills


🇧🇴 The importance of accommodating individual and cultural differences

👉 In our next lesson, we’ll explore self-awareness and how you can build yours to enhance your interpersonal relations.