Enhancing Interpersonal Relations

Soft Skills and Communication Styles (video)

 Soft Skills Defined 


Soft skills are non-technical skills that relate to your work surrounding behaviours like communication, adaptability and decision-making. Managing your time well and resolving conflicts effectively are examples of soft skills. Unlike hard or technical skills, they’re not role-specific skills learned through training and education. 


Let’s learn more about soft skills and communication styles below. ⬇️

In our next video, OpenUp psychologist Nathalia shares:

🕵️‍♀️ A simple exercise to identify your top soft skills and the areas in which you can improve. 


🤝 The four styles of communication and how to assess which one you identify with the most. 


🥇 Advice on how to gain insights into your team’s soft skills and leverage them for enhanced teamwork and collaboration.

Strengthen Individual and Team Communication Styles

Share this sheet with your team and reflect on your findings.


👉 Now that we’ve explored soft skills and communication styles, let’s look at the importance of accommodating differences in our next lesson.