Leading Effectively in a Hybrid World

Additional resources (downloadable)

In our previous lessons, we discussed the value of self-determination theory in sustaining an effective hybrid leadership approach. 


In this lesson, we’ll dive into additional practical resources to guide you further.

👩🏽‍💼 Understanding your leadership style

Successful leadership is grounded in self-awareness. Discover your leadership style with this assessment.
🔖 Explore additional resources


🦸🏽‍♀️ Leading with Self-confidence: In this course, you’ll learn tools & strategies to build a healthy sense of confidence in the workplace for enhanced leadership and work performance. 


🌱 Mastering Mindful Feedback as a Manager: Mindful feedback fosters growth, enhances performance & encourages motivation. Lead your team in the right direction with insights from this course. 


🗨️ Navigating Mental Well-being Talks with Your Team: Kick-start effective mental well-being conversations with your team. Perfect for new and seasoned managers, created by psychologists and managers to address common team mental well-being challenges.


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