Leading Effectively in a Hybrid World

Self-Determination Theory Continued (video)

As we continue with our learnings, it’s important to remember that while self-determination theory provides a solid framework, it is not the whole picture. 

When it comes to effective hybrid leadership, what works for one team or one individual may not work for another. The key to success lies in being adaptable, empathetic, and strategic in your approach.

In our final video, OpenUp psychologist Jochem will summarise:

🗣️ Challenging your inner dialogue to improve your self-talk and boost self-efficacy.


🎬 How an action-oriented approach to challenges can enhance your self-efficacy.


💪🏾 Leveraging your strengths for stronger self-belief in your capabilities.

💡 Self-determination theory handout

Share this self-determination handout with your team to gain insights into their motivations for each pillar.

➡️ In the lessons so far, we’ve explored the fundamentals of self-determination theory. Next, let’s look at some practical resources to further expand your learning: