Leading Effectively in a Hybrid World

Understanding Hybrid Leadership (video)

💡What is Hybrid Leadership? 


Hybrid leadership is a management style that blends remote and in-person skills to effectively manage in a variety of settings. It’s a flexible leadership approach that combines traditional and remote techniques, catering to teams that operate under a hybrid work model.


Embracing Hybrid Leadership 


Hybrid leadership is increasingly popular today, presenting opportunities for innovation, enhanced work-life balance, and improved team dynamics. Learning to manage a hybrid team effectively allows leaders to tap into their team’s potential, boosting productivity and creating a flexible and inclusive work environment.

In the following video, OpenUp pyschologist Jochem Bukman will explore:

✅ The definition of hybrid leadership


👩🏿‍💻The challenges and opportunities of hybrid leadership 


📉 An introduction to the course’s key learning objectives: Self-Determination Theory

👉 Now that we have explored the basics of hybrid leadership, let’s learn some practical workplace applications in our next lesson.