Managing Your Worries

Cognitive Restructuring (video)

🧩 What is Cognitive Restructuring? 


Cognitive restructuring is a process used in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to help individuals identify, challenge, and ultimately change distressing thought patterns. It’s about altering automatic, often negative thoughts that can lead to intense worry, transforming them into more balanced and constructive ones. By learning to reframe our thoughts, we can better manage our worries and enhance our overall emotional well-being. 

In the following video, OpenUp psychologist Nathalia will delve into:

🧠  An introduction to cognitive restructuring and its relevance to worry management.


Techniques for identifying and challenging cognitive distortions.


🔄 Cognitive restructuring strategies for replacing negative thoughts with more balanced perspectives.

🖋️ Time to practise! 


This handout will guide you through a detailed process of cognitive restructuring, with step-by-step instructions and a practical exercise to integrate these techniques into your daily life for more effective worry management.


Practise cognitive restructuring

👉 Having explored cognitive restructuring, our next focus will be on the importance of social support in managing worries.