Sleeping Better

Introduction to Sleep (video)

What is Sleep?


🌙 Sleep is a crucial biological function, essential for our health and well-being, involving complex processes for physical and mental restoration.


Why is Sleep Important?

💤 Sleep supports tissue repair, immune function, hormone regulation, emotional processing, and cognitive maintenance, making it fundamental for overall health.

Achieving Better Sleep 

🛌 Understanding and improving factors that influence sleep, such as environment, routines, and stress levels, can significantly enhance sleep quality.


⬇️ Ready to dive deeper?

📹 In the following video, lifestyle expert Aäron Spapens explores:

The fundamental nature of sleep and its critical stages. 


The impact of sleep deprivation, including its effects on mood, cognitive function, and long-term health outcomes. 


Practical strategies for assessing and improving your sleep routine.

🔖 Time to practise ⬇️


👉 In our next lesson, we will explore the critical role of circadian rhythm and sleep hygiene in enhancing sleep quality.