The Fundamentals of a Healthy Diet

Calorie Balance and Weight Management (video)

The amount of calories you consume is a massive determinant of your health influenced by your diet. Simply put, calories are the energy in our food and beverages. 


There are many ways to achieve a healthy calorie balance. The importance is to find the right one for you that is both sustainable and enjoyable.  


⬇️ We’ll explore the significance of calorie balance and weight management via two videos below: 

📹 In this video, lifestyle expert Roos London explores:

🔋 The basics of calories and factors affecting calorie balance. 


📖 Terms like Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), Calories in Calories Out (CICO) and more.


⚖️ The delicate balance between maintaining a calorie balance and prioritising nutritionally dense foods.


In our next video, Roos provides practical tips including:

🤹 The importance of taking an individualised approach to calorie management.


🔢 How the ‘’80-20 rule’’ can help prevent diet fatigue and sustain motivation for long-term healthy eating. 


🍲 Strategies for healthy calorie balance, such as fixed meal planning for a less stressful approach to healthy eating.


Please note: Consult a nutritionist to discuss your findings if you have concerns about your calorie intake. 

👉 Ready to learn more? In our next lesson, we’ll dive into the importance of food composition and nutrient density for a healthy diet.