The Fundamentals of a Healthy Diet

Meal Timing and Frequency (video)

Have you ever noticed unusual fluctuations in hunger levels when you are out of routine with your regular eating patterns? Our bodies thrive on structure and routine, due to an internal clock called the “circadian rhythm”. Adopting a routine where possible reduces hunger pangs and energy dips. 


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📹 In our final video, lifestyle expert Roos London explores:

🗓️ The benefits of establishing a consistent eating pattern. 


🥁 The key to finding a meal timing rhythm that suits your lifestyle and preferences. 


🍌 How opting for nutrient-dense snacks and satisfying main meals can help maintain a balanced diet and prevent unintentional overeating.
💡Self-assessment: Experiment With Your Meal Timings


Experiment with different meal timing and frequency patterns over a week. For example, try eating three larger meals per day versus five smaller meals. Pay attention to how each pattern affects your hunger, energy levels, and satisfaction. Reflect on which approach feels most sustainable and supportive of your health goals. Use this insight to develop a meal timing and frequency routine that works best for you.

👉 In our final lesson, we’ll explore practical tools which will help you on your journey to sustaining a healthy diet.