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Menstrual Health and Emotional Well-being

Group session

Today, the topic of menstrual health remains underrepresented, leaving many individuals in the dark, dealing with challenges alone. 

In this group session, we will focus on helping you feel more connected to your menstrual health, share your experiences with others, and navigate challenges together. 

You will learn how to: 

  • – Address your challenges and implement practical coping strategies
  • – Enhance your emotional well-being from a psychological perspective 
  • – Navigate your cycle with more self-compassion 

For this session, we kindly ask you to switch your camera and microphone on, as it is interactive and requires participation.

*Please note: We encourage and welcome individuals of all gender identities to join,  including individuals who are in women’s bodies but do not identify as women. 

This space is also available in:
Eva Rüger