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Being a First-Time Parent

Group session

And suddenly you’re a parent. A moment you’ve been waiting for for nine months but until it’s there you don’t know what it will really be like. Maybe it’s harder than expected, maybe it’s easier. Maybe it’s better then you thought it would be or maybe the cloud isn’t as pink as expected.

How do you cope with this new phase in your life? How do you work your way through all the (well-intentioned) opinions of others and how do you re-find balance in your life?

In this session we will interact, share, and learn from each other through personal stories and practical exercises. Please be aware that session is aimed for people with new born babies. 1:1 sessions are more suited for expecting parents.

For this session we ask you to switch your camera and microphone on, because it is interactive and needs your participation.

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Iryna Ivanova