Alexandra Besel

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Alexandra works as a psychologist at OpenUp. Together with you she searches for ways to create a lighter life where fun and freedom of choice are key, both in your personal as well as your professional life. This means for example saying yes to yourself, your drive, your passions, but also being able to say no. Making authentic choices and being okay with the consequences.

Alexandra is being called a good listener, creative thinker, down-to-earth, pragmatic, focused, open minded, a coach who is not afraid to confront respectfully, and someone with a gentle sense of humour.

Self-care to Alexandra means cycling, walking, nature, laughing, travelling, friends and family, good food, great wine, watching films, singing and cooking, rowing in a C1 and qigong.

She has lived a couple of years in France with her family and coached and trained in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Russia.

Alexandra obtained her Master degree in Occupational Psychology at Leiden University. Besides working for OpenUp she also works as a trainer, lecturer and career counselor and is an EFT and RET practitioner. Alexandra speaks both Dutch and English.

"Live, laugh, and light up!"