Charly du Bois

Self-confidence Stress and anxiety Finding purpose Mindfulness

Charly is a psychologist at OpenUp. During the conversations she finds it important that you feel the space to share every feeling and every thought. Charly works in a solution-oriented way and helps you to create clarity so that you can take the next step in the direction of your values.

When necessary, you examine together which patterns in thinking, acting and feeling are hindering you to take as step or find a solution to your question. A small step can make a big change. Charly mainly works with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Mindfulness.

To stay physically and mentally healthy, she meditates and exercises regularly. In addition, they are important to keep learning and growing, and they love to make things with her hands. Working with her hands has a meditating effect and brings you back into the moment.

Charly obtained her Master’s degree in Healthcare Psychology at the University of Amsterdam. She has six years of experience as a psychologist in the Dutch Healthcare system, of which one year online when she lived in Los Angeles. She works with a wide range of issues from anxiety and mood problems to trauma and burnout. Charly speaks Dutch and English.

"How can you create clarity and take a next first step in the direction of your values?" I am happy to help you in the process!