Jantine van Netten

Self-confidence Stress and anxiety Work performance Finding purpose Relationships Mindfulness

Jantine is a psychologist at Open Up. She is an advocate of accessible psychological care; who doesn’t need a good talk at some point in life? What is important to her, is that her client feels heard and is able to take concrete steps to a improvement. As humans, we are not seldom highly influenced by opinions of others; Jantine can help you to take more control over your own path.

As a psychologist and trainer she has experience in teaching how to deal with traumatic events, no matter how “big” or “small”. As a team leader she has supported colleagues with career development. Jantine has experience with a diverse groups, from adolescent to CEO, from teacher to policeman and from office staff to captain.

She has a master’s degree in Work and Organizational Psychology and a master’s track Training & Development at the University of Amsterdam. Jantine speaks Dutch and English.

"It's great that you've taken the step towards taking more control in your life. I am excited to guide you in this process!"