Jantine van Netten

Self-confidence Stress and anxiety Work performance Finding purpose Relationships Mindfulness

Jantine is a psychologist at OpenUp. She is an advocate of accessible psychological care; who doesn’t need a good talk at some point in life? She finds it important that you feel heard and are able to take concrete steps to improve yourself, which will help you take more control over your own actions.

As a psychologist and trainer, she has experience in teaching how to deal with traumatic events, no matter how “big” or “small”. As a team leader, she has supported colleagues with career development. Jantine has experience with diverse groups, from adolescents to CEOs, from teachers to policemen and from office staff to captains.

When times are challenging or stressful, she likes to take a break by checking in with herself via a breathing exercise. Also, she finds support by talking to friends and family.

She has a Master’s degree in Work and Organizational Psychology and a Master’s track Training & Development from the University of Amsterdam.

Jantine speaks Dutch and English.

"It's great that you've taken the step towards taking more control in your life. I am excited to guide you in this process."