Joseph Alazzi

Stress and anxiety Lifestyle Mindfulness

Joseph is a psychologist at OpenUp. The consultations with Joseph will allow you to share your difficulties in a safe, non-judgmental space. He will offer the support and tools you need to navigate your daily struggles, life stressors, and anxiety-inducing situations.

Joseph believes that mindfulness and self-compassion are some of the greatest tools at our disposal to get a clearer mind and a better sense of self-awareness.

With that clarity of thought, Joseph can help you verbalize your needs and find the most suitable solutions to your problems without compromising your core beliefs.

Joseph practices mindfulness meditation on a regular basis to keep a lighter mental state. Also, he likes to listen to music, walk in the city or read classic novels to relax more during busy times. When life gets difficult, he prefers to reach out to his family and friends and practice gratitude. Two of the most effective strategies to handle challenging times.

Joseph obtained his Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology at the University Of Rouen, France. He trained in Mindfulness-Based interventions and wrote his master’s thesis on the effects of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction programs.

He worked for two years as a psychologist in a cardiac rehabilitation center in France. Being Lebanese-French and currently living in the Netherlands, Joseph can give great insights about transcultural life and intercultural difficulties.

Joseph speaks Arabic, French and English.

"A safe space is all you need in order to express your emotions, self-reflect, identify your problems and find solutions."