Lotte Bronsveld

Self-confidence Stress and anxiety Finding purpose Relationships

Lotte works as a psychologist at OpenUp. She employs a holistic view of recovery, seeing mental, emotional and physical health as one inderdependt system. Together she will help you figure out how to move forward using your own resilience and autonomy. As we are inclined to rumminate with our thoughts, endlessly analyzing, Lotte will stimulate you to get back into contact with what you feel, so that you can take choices from there. Balance between capacity and load, effort and relaxation and head and heart are central to her approach.

Lotte obtained two master degrees from the University of Amsterdam. She graduated in clinical psychology and training & development. In addition to her work as a psychologist, she also teaches at universities. She has experience in addiction treatment and sexology. She is fluent in the languages Dutch, English and Spanish.

"I think it is important that there is space and safety for you to dare to open up, so that together we can get to the core."