Rianne Toenhake

Lifestyle Mindfulness
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Rianne works as a lifestyle expert at OpenUp.

For her, vitality has everything to do with feeling at home in your body and having control over your health. She has a great fascination for the body, our foundation, and where our journey starts. Where am I now? Where do I want to go? And what’s in between? You are taking the lead, Rianne will support you.

She finds her own balance in yoga, nature, and dance. At home, she likes to cook and the kitchen table is full of books. Rianne passed her medical exam at the University of Antwerp. After this, she worked as a doctor in a general practice, before making the switch to youth health care. She specialized in Mind-body Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine. She also has extensive knowledge in the field of the female body, pregnancy, and related matters.

She speaks Dutch, German, and English.