Sarah Takens

Sarah is a psychologist at OpenUp. Sarah will assist you in making sense of current difficulties by talking about your past experiences in life, your relationships and who you are as a person. She will help you understand your thoughts and emotions and she is there for you if you struggle in life or with making decisions. In this process, your strengths and self- direction are most important.

If there is something on her mind or when she feels anxious, it helps her to write these things out for herself. It gives her insight into what is going on, which makes it easier for her to let go of it. Sometimes you walk around for a long time with a restless feeling. By writing down that feeling and thereby investigating why you feel this way, clarification is created.

Sarah completed her Master’s in Work and Organizational Psychology at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. In addition, she has completed the basic CBT training and has the title Cognitive Behavioral Therapist i.t. Sarah speaks both English and Dutch.

"Everything you need is already in you. I help you find it and strengthen it."