Tom du Bois

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Tom is a psychologist at OpenUp. He is not afraid to have a difficult conversation because those are oh-so necessary to grow and make progress in life. By creating a safe space, Tom helps you to tap into your own wisdom and examine the thought patterns and emotional undercurrents everyone is experiencing.

Tom works from a place of radical honesty, responsibility, and compassion. Eventually, being honest about your feelings without judging them is the key to sustainable growth in life. Tom is an open, playful and compassionate person with his roots in action learning. He works with ACT, CBT and EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy).

Talking is important, but he prefers to take it to the next level by stimulating you to put things into practice in your everyday life.

To take care of his own mental health, he works out a lot and meditaties. Next to that, he also likes to go out and dance in the club wit friends, because also that can be self-care.

Tom received his Bachelor and Master degree in Healthcare psychology at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). He also received a Master degree in Environmental Sciences at the VU University Amsterdam. He worked as a hospital psychologist specialized in sleep and stress relief therapy. He worked as an interim advisor for the Dutch government.

Besides his work as psychologist at OpenUp, he works as a communication trainer for a wide range of companies and organizations. Tom speaks both Dutch and English.

"What you don't solve, you repeat."