Webinar: managing stress and anxiety

Do you want to know how you can manage stress and anxiety? Register for our webinar on June 3rd and get practical tips and insights from psychologists.

I keep overthinking everything, how do I get back control?

How do I make sure that my anxiety thoughts do not impact my daily life?

How can I manage my stress feelings?

Managing stress and anxiety

What will the webinar be about?

Stress gives you the extra push you need to step out of your comfort zone. Furthermore, stress is the airbag of your life: it protects you in times of danger. Too much stress, however, has a counterproductive effect. The motivating and protective effect is lost and you often get more anxious.

When do you experience too much stress? Which signals should you be aware of? What is the influence of your personality? And what is the effect of the circumstances in which we find ourselves, such as a pandemic? We’ll discuss it all during this webinar.




Practical tips and insights

During the webinar “Managing stress and anxiety” on Thursday, June 3rd, our psychologists will help you understand your levels of stress and tell you more about how to manage it, and how to limit your anxious thoughts. Via practical tips and examples we will teach you how to surf the waves of life.

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What do you get from this webinar?

  • Learn what stress is; what triggers stress and when are you most sensitive to it?
  • Learn to how to let go of worrying thoughts more easily and what tools you can use in what situation
  • Receive extra tools after the webinar and, if desired, discuss them with one of our psychologists

Why OpenUp?

OpenUp has already helped thousands of people with their mental health challenges. From questions about uncertainty, (work) stress, anxiety and gloom to questions about setting goals and working efficiently. We believe that professional help should be accessible, available and affordable for everyone. From a one-time online consultation to daily guidance, via chat, telephone or a video meeting, everything is possible. We are happy to share our knowledge, experiences and stories through webinars, among other things.

Irene Bakker
Mirte Verkuijlen
Irene Bakker
Mirte Verkuijlen

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