How do you integrate mental health in your work culture?

What if we told you that 67% of employees don’t know who they should approach or what they should do when facing mental health challenges? In this masterclass, we take you through the whys and the hows of integrating mental health in the workplace in a sustainable way.

You are going to learn:

  • Why mental health at work is important;
  • How to build a plan and execute on it;
  • What is the role of stakeholders;
  • How to create alignment in the workplace;

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For whom, when and where?

When: Thursday, June 30th, 16.00-16.45
Where: Online
Language: English
Who: This masterclass is created for HR professionals, managers or anyone who works with people on a daily basis and wants to learn how to integrate mental well-being into the culture of their organisation.

Make mental health a priority 🏆
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Build employee resilience

As employees, we strive to give our best on a daily basis. We bring our talent and abilities to work, but we also bring our mental health state with us everywhere we go. Sometimes, challenges, whether they are personal or work-related, might get in the way of our well-being.

Opening the conversation on mental health within your organization lowers the threshold employees might feel and it is the first step to integrating mental support into the workplace.

In this masterclass, OpenUp psychologists will explain the importance of investing in mental health within the work environment and will guide you towards integrating and normalizing the conversation on mental health topics.

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