Believing in Yourself

Behaviours For Improved Self-confidence (video)

Remember, the journey to growing your self-confidence is not linear, and progress does not happen overnight. It has its ups and downs, but with commitment and the right tools, you can steadily progress towards a greater sense of self-confidence. We will help you take that first step by providing some tools used in the field:

In the following video, OpenUp psychologist Jan will explore: 


🌿 How practising self-compassion and speaking to yourself with a kind inner voice can help your self-belief to grow.


🧗🏾 How venturing outside of your comfort zone gives you opportunities to develop your self-confidence. 


🗣️ How to transform your negative self-talk into a more positive inner dialogue. 

👉 Ready to learn more about improving your self-confidence? In our next lesson, Jan will explore how a strengths-based approach can help you succeed.