Mastering Emotional Self-Regulation

Emotional self-regulation (video)

Sometimes, emotions can feel incredibly overwhelming, like a wave crashing over you. In these moments, giving yourself the space to allow your emotions to cool down can be a lifeline. 


In this video, psychologist Paul Hessels shares expert advice on navigating your emotions when they feel too intense to handle. 

💡 Key takeaways


Intense emotions can cloud rational thinking. When overwhelmed, refrain from reacting impulsively to avoid potential regrets.


• Find the self-regulation strategies that work for you, such as expressing your emotion through physical movement, distancing yourself from the trigger, practising breathing exercises, or focusing on the present through your senses.



🖊️ Exercise: SelfRegulation Techniques Reflection 


Exploring self-regulation techniques amidst an emotional storm may seem impossible. That’s why we encourage you to plan and reflect on it during calmer moments. You can do so by answering the following questions: 


• What are your main emotional triggers? Think about situations that provoke a strong emotional response. 


• What strategy mentioned in the video could you use to allow your emotions to cool down in those situations? 


• What do you anticipate as the benefits of self-regulation in those situations?