Mastering Emotional Self-Regulation

Processing your emotions (video)

Self-regulation is a great way to deal with strong or badly timed feelings. Yet, constantly attempting to control our emotions is not advisable.


In the final video of this course, psychologist Paul Hessels will illustrate the importance of processing emotions, and provide guidance on how to do so effectively. 

💡Key takeaways: tips for effectively processing your emotions 


• Create space. Locate a quiet area where you can concentrate and allow any underlying emotions to surface naturally.


• Stay in the present moment. Welcome any emotions and feelings with an open and non-judgmental mind. Instead of trying to resist your emotions, let them surface and flow. When you do so, your feelings will evolve and eventually naturally dissipate over time.


• Self-reflect on the incident. Take the time to think about what happened, understand the messages that your emotions are trying to tell you, and pinpoint what you require to help you at this moment.


• Fulfill your needs. This could be through validating your emotions, addressing the situation, expressing your feelings through crying, engaging in physical activity, jotting down your feelings, or speaking to a psychologist. Find what works for you in every situation.

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