Restoring Work-life Balance

Self-reflection: identifying your stressors

Identifying your stressors starts with self-awareness. With this in mind, let’s tackle the following exercise below. 


✍️ Pens at the ready!


Next, let’s do a quick but effective self-reflection that will help you identify your stressors and the resources you have available in your life to manage them:


1. What are the strengths present in your life right now? What tools do you have at your disposal to help you manage these strengths?


 2. What are the factors that cause stress or challenges in your current situation?


 3. Reflect on the balance between your stressors and your available resources.

• How can you enhance or sustain this balance effectively?

• What are the strengths and tools that you could implement to help you restore balance?


👉 In our next lesson, we’ll explore putting the right boundaries in place.