Mastering Your Breath for Optimal Well-Being

How Do We Breathe? (video)

How we breathe can take on multiple options: slow or fast, deep or shallow, nose or mouth breathing.


Have you ever stopped to wonder which method is most effective? Let’s explore more:


👄 Mouth breathing leads to faster, shallower, and more activating breathing. Mouth-breathing is effective during activity, but it also increases your risk of viruses and allergies, dehydrates you faster, and causes you to lose 40% more fluid compared to nasal breathing.


👃🏿 Nasal breathing is linked to muscle activation of the diaphragm, the number one respiratory muscle. Our nasal cavities produce nitrogen oxide, so nasal breathing filters pollution from the air, killing viruses in the process. 

🫁 The How of Breathing 

Want to learn more? Aäron will delve into this topic in this video:

👉 Now that you’ve learned about the theory of breathing, let’s put it into practice with breathing techniques in the next lesson.