The Fundamentals of Female Health

Decoding The Menstrual Cycle (video)

Despite healthcare advances, the topic of menstrual health still remains underrepresented. As a result, many individuals remain in the dark about the basics of the menstrual cycle. 


Knowledge is power, and the more you know about your menstrual cycle, the more informed choices you can make to optimise your lifestyle and make the best well-being choice to support your health.

In the following video, medical doctor & lifestyle expert Rianne Toenhake will explore the menstrual cycle:


🔁 The intricate journey of the menstrual cycle from start to finish. 

📈 The effects of rising and falling progesterone and estrogen levels. 

💬 The role of hormones as messengers, which can guide your well-being decisions.


⏭️  Now that we’ve explored some of the basics, let’s explore the key ingredients that make up an optimal menstrual cycle in our next lesson.