The Fundamentals of Menstrual Health

The Optimal Menstrual Cycle (video)

First of all, it’s important to remember that there is no such thing as a ‘perfect period.’ No two menstrual cycles are identical, and each individual’s menstrual cycle can vary significantly. Nevertheless, certain signs can provide valuable insights into the balance of our hormones and cycles.

In the following video, Rianne will delve into topics such as:


⚖️ The signs of balanced hormones that may indicate an optimal menstrual cycle. 

🥴 The signs of an irregular menstrual cycle and how to deal with them. 

💪 How the menstrual cycle influences factors such as energy, mood, and physical sensations.  


Menstrual Cycle Tracker

Get to know your menstrual cycle better and make a note of your signs and potential symptoms.

⏭️ In our past two lessons, we’ve explored the journey of the menstrual cycle. Next, we’ll discover a key lifestyle factor to help you support your hormones: nutrition.