The Fundamentals of Menstrual Health

The Importance of Sleep for Hormone Health (video)

Did you know that sleep deprivation is one of the main causes of chronically elevated cortisol levels


Although external factors that influence our sleep quality are sometimes out of our control, we can make shifts in our daily practices to improve our sleep quality. 


These changes can keep us more in harmony with our circadian rhythm and improve our overall sleep quality.

In our final video, Rianne will guide you through some sleep essentials:


💤 How the release of melatonin, ‘’the sleep hormone’’ regulates our estrogen and progesterone production. 

🕙 The importance of your biological clock, also known as your circadian rhythm, and guidance on how to keep it regular.  

🛌 How to prioritise your circadian rhythm and focus on your sleep hygiene to increase your melatonin levels.


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