Managers toolkit: enhance your team’s mental well-being

Start your mental well-being journey with your team members in three easy steps.

Become an ambassador

New data suggests that for almost 70% of people, their manager has more impact on their mental well-being than their therapist or their doctor – and it’s equal to the impact of their partner.

At OpenUp, we see managers as not just leaders but as vital mental well-being ambassadors, pivotal in shaping an open mental well-being culture. You may be wondering, how do I get started? Enter our toolkit: your go-to for cultivating a supportive environment and prioritising workplace mental well-being. 

Get to know your team better through personality tests

Recognising and celebrating individuality is an essential part of fostering workplace mental well-being. This is where the power of personality tests comes into play. By encouraging each team member to explore their personality type, you will gain insights into their individual personality, preferences, work style, and needs. This personalised approach fosters a more inclusive and dynamic team atmosphere. 

We recommend this free and accessible test as an excellent tool to start conversations with your team. It is exclusively intended for this purpose and should not be used otherwise.

Access the test
We explained the different personality types in short
Download the personality types guide
Compile tailored communication tips

After completing the test, ask each team member to compile communication tips – that fit their personality style – into a communication template. Use your next team meeting as an opportunity to discuss these communication tips together.

It will serve as a valuable resource for enhancing team interactions, ensuring everyone can communicate more effectively and respectfully, according to their unique needs.

You’ll be surprised what you can learn from each other – similarities and differences alike.

Download the template
Check-in through traffic lights

As a last step, implement regular “Traffic Light Check-ins” where team members can share their current state using green, orange, or red colours. 

Green indicates they are doing well, orange suggests caution or a need for support, and red signals significant distress or overwhelm.

These check-ins will provide a quick, yet effective way to assess team morale and well-being, allowing you to offer support or adjustments as needed. It also maintains ongoing awareness of each team member’s mental well-being and workload to encourage a culture of care and responsiveness.

Download traffic light check-in guidelines
Continuing your journey

The path to strengthening your team’s mental well-being is a continuous one. These steps are designed to start meaningful conversationsbuild trust, and create a supportive team culture. We encourage you to revisit these exercises regularly and remain open to feedback.

Remember, being a manager often comes with uncertainties and high expectations. This can take a toll, so make sure you prioritise your mental well-being, alongside that of your team members.

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